Green Iguana

Green Iguana Facts

I know you like lizards and that’s the reason you are here…So. it’s time to talk about the Green Iguana facts, I’m sure you will like this information.The green iguana is commonly known as the American Iguana.There are different species and the green iguanas are the most popular since they make a great pet. They […]

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Savannah Monitor Lizard

Savannah monitor lizard facts

It’s time to talk about the Savannah monitors lizards facts…The savannah monitor lizards originated in Africa. They are the most docile monitor lizards among all monitor species. With a high metabolic rate, they can see from a long distance and have a great sense of smell which allows them to easily catch their preys.Here are […]

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fat-tailed gecko

Fat-tailed gecko facts

Ok, let’s talk about some fat-tailed gecko facts. Believe me, this lizard is awesome.The fat-tailed geckos came from the family of Eublepharinae, they are terrestrial and nocturnal, which means they love to sleep and hide in the day and are active at night you can often see these geckos in the ground where they feel […]

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Chameleon facts and information

I bet you love Chameleons, don’t you ?I’m glad to hear that because, in this article, I will talk about the Chameleon facts.Chameleons came from the Chamaeleonidae family and there are species with different contrast of bright colors. Almost all of them changes their color especially when they feel stressed, threatened, or according to the […]

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Anole Lizard

Anole lizard facts

Anoles are very small and active lizards that are diurnal, which means they are very active during the day and rest at night. They are very popular because of their color that is a contrast of bright green to brown.There are two kinds of anoles, the green and the brown ones. These lizards originated in […]

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small lizard eating a cricket

What do small pet lizards eat?

One of the biggest things that should be considered when petting small lizards is their diet.You might be thinking that their stomach is more sensitive since they are smaller, but the truth is, small lizards are capable of eating what adult lizard eats.In this article, I will address the question:  what do small pet lizards […]

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