Advantages of lizards at home (why lizards are good pets)

I remember when my friend talked to me about the advantages of lizards at home and I was skeptical about such benefits, but later I could clearly see why lizards are good pets.


If just like myself, you are looking for an answer to the question, "are lizards good pets to have?" Here's a quick answer:

Lizards are actually a good companion in our home and garden, they maintain the balance of our ecology and surroundings, and they eat insects that can cause harm and diseases not just to our plants but also to us humans. A house that has lizards is less prone to have a disease caused by insects and rats.

A quick overview of lizards

Do you know that Geckoes eat home rats and cockroaches that are nesting in our houses?

The study shows that a house that has lizards in their home is less prone to have a disease caused by insects and rats.

Lizards are also considered as reptiles they are cold-blooded animals that can be found all over the world. They came from thousands of species in different color, texture, appearance, personalities, which makes them very unique.

A group of Lizards

Those incredible animals play an important role in our ecosystem, environment, and even in our own homes. They are part of the food web and they usually prey on insects or pest which gives us an advantage since this is a natural way to handle pest control.

But if you are planning to have lizards as a pet it is important that you do research on what are the great lizards that suitable for your home. 

Why do lizards make great pets at home?

They are quiet pet – lizards make great pets at home since they are quiet. If you are looking for a peaceful and calm environment and a great company, you can get a lizard and you wouldn’t even know that it's there since lizards just love to hide and sleep at their place. They are very calm and quiet unlike others pets, they don’t bark or howl.

No Fur – having a lizard as a pet is great, especially for kids. Lizards have scales and they are hypoallergenic, which means, you don’t need to worry about furs and you can have a clean and healthy place at home. Having a fur-less pet is also practical since you don’t need to spend time grooming them which makes them totally easy to take care of.

No mess and no damage – having a lizard as a pet is less likely to have damages on your furniture, walls, floor, etc since lizards don’t bite, chew, scratch or destroy things at home all they do is just eat insects, fruits, and vegetables. Most lizards are very small compared to other pets like cats, dogs, etc, so you don’t need to worry about them messing your place up since they don’t have the strength to do those heavy activities like running around bumping on stuff and whatnot.

Cleaner environment – A Lizard has only small droppings compared to other pets that have big and smelly droppings. All you need to do is just provide a litter box or sandy area where your pet can easily scoop out and dispose of its droppings. In fact, a lizard is not even smelly and doesn't need regular baths since it is already clean and has waterproof scales.

Low maintenance – a lizard is very easy to take care and handle. It's the most low maintenance pet you can have since it doesn't eat too much and its food is even less expensive. It can eat plants, insects, fruits, and vegetables. A lizard doesn't need to have regular vet checkups since it can live for a very long time as long as it is taken care of properly. It can even survive in the wild on its own, all its need is water and food.

It doesn't need to be trained – unlike other pets that you need to potty train or train them to be obedient and nice. You don’t need to do that to a lizard. It's smart and obedient in nature and just needs to eat, sleep, and play. It doesn't require a lot of activities or training.

It helps the surrounding – not only you get to have a pet at home that can entertain you and help you get away with stress. A lizard doesn't only make good companion but it provides great benefits in the surroundings and in the area. It eats pests and helps us maintain clean and healthy surroundings.

Common pests in our houses that are eaten by Lizards

Lizard eating

Rats – causes serious diseases on humans such as plague, leptospirosis, rat bite fever, and salmonellosis. Thanks to Gecko Lizards, rats can be minimized in our houses because of the fact that Geckos eat rats.

Cockroaches – carry serious diseases such as dysentery that can cause diarrhea and lead to bleeding. They also can bring salmonella virus that causes typhoid fever. These insects are also a carrier of poliomyelitis virus that can cause polio. But luckily, the cockroaches are the favorite food of lizards.

Mosquitos – Can carry the viruses that cause dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis, and malaria. These diseases are very dangerous and cause a lot of deaths around the world, but lizards minimize the number of these insects that surround our home.

Flies – the most dangerous of all insects because they carry at least 65 diseases that are transmitted to humans, such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, anthrax, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, yaws, poliomyelitis and many more. But with lizards at home, they become more of a prey rather than a predator.

Ticks – their bite can lead to a serious infection to humans and pets which is called Lyme disease, Borrelia diseases, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis. But when these insects bite lizards the infectious bacteria that they carry are neutralized and become harmless to humans and pets. Lizards have a rich protein in their blood that neutralizes these diseases.

Spiders – its bite can cause kidney failure and anemia. Tarantula hairs have a toxin that causes an allergic reaction to humans that can lead to skin rashes and anaphylactic shock. So instead of raising spiders, why don’t you raise lizards? They eat these creepy 8 legged creatures.

Are Lizards Dangerous to Humans?

I know you could have such a concern, but the answer to this question is, NO, the lizards are not dangerous to the humans. Unless you are directly dealing with the Gila Monster or the Mexican Beaded that are poisonous lizards.

I highly recommend you to read the article "Are lizards poisonous to cats, dogs or humans?" just to make sure you have the correct information on this types of lizards.

Now you have a lot of information about the advantages of lizards at home so please share with your friends.

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