Bearded dragon lizards as pets (Facts you need to know)

If you want to have a bearded dragon lizard as a pet, you are at the right place.

In this article you will find some interesting facts about this lizard. Just keep reading and pay attention to the details before getting your new friend.

Bearded Dragon

Quick information before getting a lizard

When you want to have a bearded dragon as a pet it is best if you do a research first and prepare everything that they need before getting one because they can really be delicate.

When buying a bearded dragon it is also important that you buy it from pet stores or well-known online website that you trust.

Some business will provide you papers for this pets, which means they have already taken some vaccines or drugs to keep them healthy.

Unlike from just getting indirectly from the wild, you wouldn’t really know if they carry some certain diseases such as salmonella which can be dangerous.

Now, let's dig into more information on how to have bearded dragon lizards as pets.

What is a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons originate in Australia this species of lizard is very well know to all since bearded dragons make great pets and you can often see them in zoos and they can easily adapt to their environment.

Other names for bearded dragon: central bearded or inland bearded dragon

Size: bearded dragons can grow sixteen to twenty-four inches long

Lifespan: bearded dragons usually live six to ten years, but as long as they are taken care of as a pet, they can live up to 20 years

Bearded dragon appearance

Bearded dragons have a variety of colors they can be in the contrast of red, brown, yellow, white, and orange. Their color also changes because of weather conditions, temperature, or to what they are feeling may it be when they are frightened or stress.

They have scales on both sides of their throats, neck, spines, and head up to the tail. Bearded dragons have also flat bellies that you can see leaning to the ground.

Beard Dragon Lizard

Yow know when they are feeling something because their beards open up widely.

How to tell if a bearded dragon is male or female?

You just need to pay attention to the bearded dragon's hemipenal bulges. On a male you will see two bulges located on each side of the tail, on a female bearded dragon you will see only one bulge in the centre of the tail following the vent.

Here are some other details that tell if a bearded dragon is males or female:

  • Males can be distinguished by their wider cloacae opening
  • Males tail is larger compared to the females
  • Males head is larger compared to their beard
  • Males have waxy bumps under the side of their legs
  • Males have a darker beard than females

What does bearded dragon eat ?

Bearded dragons can be considered as omnivores they can eat both plants and insects or animals. Which makes them great pets because they are really not picky when it comes to eating food aside from their food it is also important that they get the right amount of vitamins and minerals for them to live healthier and longer you can get this from pet stores and give it to your bearded dragon.

What bearded dragons like eat

  • Crickets
  • Worms
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Collard greens
  • Kiwi
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Pinky mice

How to feed your bearded dragon

If you prepared a sandy tank for them make sure that the food doesn’t mix to the sand when feeding them because this can cause health problems to your bearded dragon. Always put the food somewhere that they can easily eat on, like a bowl, rock, branches etc.

Give them their vitamins and minerals by mixing it with their food.

Before giving them fruits like apple or pears, for example, you need to make sure to remove the seeds and peel off the skin because it can be toxic to your bearded dragons.

Cut fruits into cubes, shred it or smash it to avoid your bearded dragons to choke. They might not be able to eat it and digest it properly if it is too big.

When feeding them plants or vegetables, make sure to remove the stem and chop it properly for them to easily eat and you can also use the leaves since it is still edible for your bearded dragons.

How to give water to your bearded dragon

You can create a drip system for your bearded dragon, so they can stay always hydrated or you can use a spray bottle for them to just lick on the walls or leaves. Or you can also use a large dish with water.

Bearded dragon behavior and temperament

Bearded dragons are docile and easy to handle compared to other species of lizard.

They can really be entertaining because of their actions and they love to be handled or carried which makes them great pets. Beard dragons sleep during night time and are very active during the day. They are intelligent and responsive animals that is why they are good and safe for kids.


To take care of your bearded dragons ( especially the adult ones) should have 60 to 70-gallon tank with a glass at the top to avoid your lizard to escape.

Bearded dragons can grow long, so having a small tank is not ideal and you will expend more money if you keep changing it for a new tank as they grow. It is not recommended to put sand on the tank or other materials like papers and tissue that your bearded dragons can eat because it might lead to indigestion and problems with their intestines.

You can put a little amount of vet-approved sand on their tank, so you can clean their tanks easily. You can also put branches, sticks, or logs where they can climb since bearded dragons are also arboreal they like to love to hide.

Bearded dragons are skilled climbers they will love to climb and sit on branches.

Lighting and temperature

Like almost all lizards, bearded dragons also likes to be in a warm place. The temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be suitable for them.

If you are planning to place them on a tank you can use a bulb that can give them that kind of temperature, you can put it above a branch and make sure that they can still have a shade or go somewhere cooler in case that it's too warm for them.

Putting an appropriate bulb that would produce ultraviolet ray will also be helpful to your bearded dragons especially if you are planning to keep them indoors because they would still need the vitamins that they need from the usual sunlight which can be available is some bulbs.

Make sure to have a thermometer in your tank, this can be helpful for you because that you can adjust the temperature of their tanks easily.

Best substrate for bearded dragon terrarium

Sands – when you want to put sands in your pets tank make sure to get one from a pet store one that is approved some sand may contain nutrients on it that would be safe and healthy from your pets. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful materials that might cause your bearded dragons to have problems like pebbles or small things that they can choke on to and have intestinal problems when ingested.

Reptile carpets – it is made especially for your reptiles it is made out of safe materials you can choose from a grass or desert type.

Ceramic tile – ceramic tile can be safe to use as well compare to newspapers since the lizards can chew on papers, tissue, or newspapers and that can really be harmful to their health.


Bearded dragons do not require grooming, you can just spray them once in a while or put a little water. If they are living outdoors they like to swim or shower once in a while. It is important that when you keep them on tanks to never forget their tanks to be humidified.


You should clean the bearded dragon's cage daily to avoid bacteria build up. You can put a sand litter for their dropping to make it easy for you to scoop out and replace it also make sure that you wipe their rocks or branches from time to time.

Also clean their food or water bowls daily. It is important to have a clean environment especially when you have pets to avoid diseases.

Health Risk factors

Bearded dragons have some health risk factors like metabolic bone diseases this is because there is a lack of calcium that their bones are getting which lead to softening a might cause danger to them and bone fractures.

That is why it is important that your bearded dragons get enough vitamins and minerals for them to grow healthier and stronger, you can buy them at pet shops or pet stores. They can also have some respiratory infections and you would know it because of the unusual sound they produce and some excess mucus going out from their body.

They can also be prone to indigestion or intestinal problems that are why you need to make sure that your bearded dragons are fed properly and at the right amount.

Final words

You can have a beard dragon lizard and really enjoy it as long as you know how to properly take care of your new friend, and that's why you are reading this article, right ?

I hope I could help you with the information on how to have bearded dragon lizards as pets and if you liked what you just read, please share with your friends...

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