Can you bring a pet lizard on a plane?

I know you love your cute reptile and now that you are about to travel you need to worry about the rules to bring a pet lizard on a plane. So this article can help with that concern.

Lizard and Plane

If you are in a hurry to have the question : "Can you bring a pet lizard on a plane?" here is a quick answer:

Almost all airlines only allow dogs, cats, chicken, and birds to fly you can only find few airlines that allow reptiles or exotic animals but you can always do a research and call the airline to make sure that their rules and regulations are updated.

Call the airline before bringing your lizard

You can call your airline to ask them if they will allow the kind of lizard you have since on the website it is possible that it might not be updated yet it is always better to call and ask to make sure.

Airlines that accept to transport reptiles only allow to keep them in the cargos, it will be a bit expensive and stressful for your pet. So if you are traveling with larger reptiles like iguanas make sure that your carrier is also large and sufficient for your reptile to move.

Label your lizard's cage

Make sure to add a label on your cargo that says "live animal inside" and keep at room temperature to make sure that the staff would really take precautions and handle your cargo with care.

Put in all the information that is needed such as your name, address, and number. Getting a direct flight would be recommended if you are bringing your pet so that you can avoid hours of layover because a long travel with your reptile can really be stressful and might cause him to show improper or aggressive behaviors. 

It will be expensive, but that will be for your pet’s safety and well being.

Tips on how to travel with a pet

1. Check embassy requirements

Do a research in countries or places that you plan on going because some countries have different rules and requirements. Some countries would require your pet to have some certain shots or it is possible that your pet will be quarantined.

Make sure that you have all your paper with you organize it and always check on your vet before going to make sure your pet is up to date with all his vaccinations and vet can give you some tips on what to do when traveling with your pet.

2. Check the airline requirements

Call and research on the airline that you will be traveling with if they allow the kind of pet you have and what are the rules and regulations to bring a pet. Keep in mind that if your pet is designated as a service animal (ESA) they may not be allowed or they need to be quarantined upon your destination.

If your pet gets aggressive or disruptive the plane crew or the airline has the right to remove your pet from the flight for the safety of the passengers.

Airline Requirements

  • Vaccination records
  • Health Certificate
  • Letter from a mental health professional (ESAs only)
  • A letter indicating animal’s ability to refrain from “accidents” while in flight
  • Proper harnesses, leashes, and restraints
  • Correct visual aids identifying the animal as a service animal or ESA

Airline Rules and Regulation

  • Baggage should have a temperature level that the airline requires
  • There are different hours or time of arrival to a certain place the airline will check if your pet can handle it if not your pet wouldn’t be allowed to fly.
  • Flying with pets are not free they count as a baggage and you would need to pay the fee even though it would be hand carried or not
  • Pets should have enough food and water all throughout the flight
  • Some airlines will need to sedate a pet in case it is necessary for a health issue or for the safety of others.
  • You will need to have all your paperwork’s and certificates handy so that your pets will be allowed to fly.
  • Airlines have safety procedures in case of an emergency
  • In case of emergency keep in mind that the airlines don’t provide oxygen for your pets
  • Only persons that are above 18 years old can carry a pet
  • Some airlines allow pets in a cabin if you want to sit near to your pet it is important that you arrive and book early
  • Pets should be 8 weeks old and above
  • Some airlines don’t allow pets during holidays

3. Write down your itinerary

When you are going to a country, try to put in a schedule and a list of places where you are going to and make sure they are pet-friendly. From hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. it is important that you have done research to avoid future problems.

4. Get a health certificate

Make sure that you get a health certificate from your vet before traveling, because the airlines will definitely need that. Other places that you might go to will also need such documents. Keep your paperwork handy and also scan it since some airline can require you to send them an electronic copy. Make sure that you have completed everything so that your travel will just be an easy flow.

5. Research for local vets

When you’re traveling to a place also make sure that you have researched vets in that place just to make sure that in case of an emergency or your pets are not feeling that good you would have a backup plan. Instead of having too much stress and panic you would already know where to go to.

6. Always bring a first aid kit

Always bring first aid kits for you and for your pet accidents happen it is better that you are always prepared.

7. Bring enough food

when traveling make sure that you only bring enough food for your pet. Do not bring too much of it because that it will add weight to your load. Some airlines might not allow it because of the ingredients, so make sure to only bring enough and what is allowed.

8. Call your chosen airline

Try to call and check on them for rules and requirements so that when you arrive on that date nothing will hinder you to go on that flight. Make sure that they allow the kind of pet that you have and you have all the requirements that are needed to bring your pet with you.

9. Prepare your pet

Make sure that you have tried bringing your pets with you every time you travel may it be in land or water. Check your pet's reaction so that you will be prepared on what to do when it is already on the real flight. Try to check your pet if ever he/she gets stress or aggressive every time you travel so you would already know if ever he can go with you or not.

10. Have all the equipment ready

Try to find a cage or somewhere you will put your pet that will be good for traveling to make sure that it is well ventilated for your pets to have enough air, also check if that is airline approved to make sure everybody is safe and the plane and your pet is secured all throughout the flight.

Try to put some leash in case that it will be needed. Have their bowls ready for food and a drip system for their water. It is important that your pets have enough food and water during the flight.

The important things you need to know about traveling with a pet

Traveling with a pet like your reptile can be stressful not only for you but also for your pet. There can be a lot of processes and procedures that should be done.

Airports would have its policies especially when there are pets involved they can be strict with that. What they need to make sure that everybody stays safe and secured as well as your pets during the flight.

Your pet needs to be in a cage or somewhere where it is secure and well ventilated, make sure that there is enough water and food for your pet all throughout the flight and temperature that your pet can handle

I hope you liked this article and you can bring you lizard on a plane on your next trip.

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