small lizard eating a cricket

What do small pet lizards eat?

One of the biggest things that should be considered when petting small lizards is their diet.You might be thinking that their stomach is more sensitive since they are smaller, but the truth is, small lizards are capable of eating what adult lizard eats.In this article, I will address the question:  what do small pet lizards […]

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Cat eating a lizard

Is lizard poisonous if eaten by dogs or cats?

Some lizards are way smaller than dogs and cats, just enough to fit in their mouth…That raises the question: Is lizard poisonous if eaten by dogs or cats?Well, it all depends on the species of lizard that the dog or cat has consumed. Some lizards which include skinks, toads, and geckos carry parasites with them […]

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Little girl with a izard

Advantages of lizards at home (why lizards are good pets)

I remember when my friend talked to me about the advantages of lizards at home and I was skeptical about such benefits, but later I could clearly see why lizards are good pets.If just like myself, you are looking for an answer to the question, “are lizards good pets to have?” Here’s a quick answer:Lizards […]

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A lizard drinking water

Do lizards need water to survive?

Water is very important for life and it’s no different for reptiles.Anyway, I got a call from a friend that asked me “do lizards need water to survive? “I decided to write this article to talk about how the water for these incredible creatures that we can have as a pet. If you own a […]

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Dog Barking at a Gila Monster

Are lizards poisonous to cats, dogs or humans?

One of the dilemmas in owning a lizard is that it might be poisonous to you, to your dog or to your cat. Maybe, you are afraid that you will end up in the hospital once a lizard bites you. Are lizards poisonous to cats, dogs or humans or are lizards being poisonous just a myth? […]

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Pet Lizard Cost

How much does a pet lizard cost?

Lizards are perhaps the very first reptile pet one can have. There are a lot of things that should be considered when choosing the type of lizard you should.One of the things that should be considered when buying a pet lizard is its cost. Generally speaking, different breeds have different prices. In this article, I will […]

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