Do lizards need water to survive?

Water is very important for life and it's no different for reptiles.

Anyway, I got a call from a friend that asked me "do lizards need water to survive? "

A lizard drinking water

I decided to write this article to talk about how the water for these incredible creatures that we can have as a pet. If you own a lizard or about to have one, better keep reading...

There are lizards that drink or licks water and there are also some that don’t drink at all. It all depends on how they live. But in any case, they get water into their body.

Desert lizards survive from the heat by getting water through absorption of their skin and some sips of water through their tail or body. Some lizards skins or scales are made not only to sweat but also to intake water.

Why lizards do need water?

Yes, that's a fact,  lizards like humans and other animals need water to survive.

There are a lot of benefits that you get from drinking water and the same is true for the lizards. They need to stay hydrated in order to survive.

Water helps the kidney

It is essential for lizards to find water and conserve it for their daily life to make sure that their body and cellular function works great. Lizards usually originated in dry and hot places or habitats and some lizards have harder scales to prevent fluids from evaporating.

The water is important for the lizard's kidney since they are concentrated with body waste that can be converted into harmful acids. So water is a need for them to flush this harmful chemicals and toxins from their bodies. 

It's important for the eggs

For female lizards is important to have water from their embryos, it helps them to develop the eggs. As I said before, water is important for life, even for the birth of new lizards.

The benefits of water in the body

  • Getting enough water makes the body work properly and more efficiently;
  • Water helps boost the immune system and avoid diseases;
  • It also provides good blood flow and boosts the activeness;
  • Promotes good digestion and helps flushes out harmful toxins from the body.;
  • Water helps to regulate body temperature.

How to give lizards water?

It is important to make sure your lizards have access to clean and fresh water that will keep them healthy and hydrated. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Prepare a water bowl

You can use a water bowl or any large and shallow dish where your lizard can easily drink the water. It is better to prepare a bowl so the water remains clean and don't get mixed with sands, stones, or other elements from their tank.

It also makes easier to change the water by just removing the bowl from the tank and replacing it as needed.

2. Use a spray bottle

You can use a spray bottle with cold water to feed your lizards,  just spray it on leaves, trunks and their tank glass, so they can just lick from it. It is also a great way of giving you lizards water because it helps moisture the tank. 

Some lizards love a humid place and spraying water helps their tank achieve that kind of temperature.

3. Disinfect the bowl

Wherever you are replacing your lizard’s water it helps remove bacteria from their surroundings and their saliva. Change their water once a day to make sure their water stays clean and healthy. You can use antibacterial or dishwashing soap to remove bacterias.

4. Create a dripping system

If you have pets and you are often busy, it can be hard to maintain their water supply. To solve the problem, you can create a dripping system for your lizards to make sure they keep hydrated all the time. You can use plastic containers like cups or water bottles and make a small hole and put in a straw to create a dripping system.

Different sources of waters for your lizards

Tap water

It is important to check first if your tap water at home is safe for your lizards. There are a lot of things to consider because in some places tap waters can be dirty or polluted, so it is better to research more about the water in your area to make sure it's safe for drinking.

Tap water is a great way to hydrate your lizards since it comes directly from nature and there are a lot of natural minerals or elements that are good for your lizard. But you also need to make sure there are no harmful chemicals like chlorine.

Well water

When giving your lizards well water you also need to check if it's not too salty. Sometimes well water comes partially from the sea and that is why it can be salty. Pumping it out can also be harmful if it got contaminated with other elements like copper, lead, and metal. Make sure the water is safe for your lizard.


Rainwater is more natural compared to other sources of water. You can get a big container so that you can collect water whenever it rains. It is also recommended to use a net or filter to avoid dirt to come into the water.

You can also collect rainwater using tarps or any plastic container to make sure it is safe for your lizards. If you have larger lizards and you are putting them outdoors it's a great idea to create a pond where they can have unlimited access to their water.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is the safest one since it is proven and tested by laboratories. So if you think that your water sources are too dangerous and not safe for your lizard giving them bottled water is a good idea since there is no chemicals, bacterias or other contaminants. It might be a little bit costly but it is safe for your lizard.

Food or plants

Some reptiles get or extract their water from some fruits or plants in order to survive. This is the safest source of hydration that they can get not only that they can get water from plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. but they can also get nutrients from them. Lizards are born wild and are survivors hunting and finding their own food.


There is a lot of mist that you can get from vegetable, fruits, etc. This type of water source is great for smaller lizards. It helps them get water and the humidity that they need in a tank. You can also spray them with a bottled water, just make sure that is clean. You can also find great mist systems in pets stores that are made and designed for your reptiles.

How do you make sure the water is safe?

If you are planning to give our lizards water from natural sources, make sure it is good for them with a filtration process. Filtration is done to separate the water from other chemicals or contaminants.

Different kinds of filtration

  • Mechanical filtration – small layers of filters are used to remove particles from the water may it be natural or garbage. A filter, sponge, or foams are used to filter water from a tank. There should be two tanks or containers pumping up filtering water from one side to another. This kind of process makes sure that your water is clear and clean and it will be safe for your pets to drink.
  • Chemical filtration – A filter is used to remove harmful toxins from the water. This process is used to bind the chemical to the water to remove harmful toxins, this is where people use chlorine, chloramines, and a lot more to make sure that the water is clear, odorless, and free from bacterias and other harmful elements.
  • Biological filtration – this kind of filtration is the best way to eliminate bacteria or other harmful organisms that can be found in the water.


OK, now you have a lot of information about water and you know that your pet lizard does need water to survive. You just need to make sure the water is safe for him. 

As a pet owner, it's your responsibility to find the correct food and water that will make your lizard be strong and healthy. Be a responsible person.

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