How to find a lost lizard in your house (powerful tips)

Are you seeking help on how to find a lost lizard in your house? So, chances are you already looked everywhere but didn't find him, right? 

Lizard Hiding

Finding lizards at home can be challenging since they are small and fast they can hide anywhere inside your house. In this article I will give you some tips to help you find your lost lizard, just stay calm and keep reading...

Be patient to find your lost lizard

You need to exert time and effort in finding them since they can really be anywhere it will really be challenging especially if you live in a larger home with lots of furniture and stuffs inside since your lizard can hide anywhere may it be under the furniture, inside the cracks, inside the cupboards, and a whole lot more.

So it is important to really observe well and use your senses in finding your lizards. Knowing your lizard more will make it much easier for you to find it.

Don't scare your lizard

Do not frighten or scare your lizards make sure to take every move slowly since you don’t want your lizard to feel aggressive, or stressed. Make sure that you avoid loud noises. If you have wooden floors you can use socks to make sure it doesn’t creek or you can do it barefooted.

Here are some tips to find your lost lizard:

1. Listen to their sound

If your pet lizards produce a sound like the geckos family it is much easier for you to find them since you can just follow their sound. They usually produce sound to communicate or if they feel scared.

2. Follow their droppings

It is one easy way to find your lizard by checking for any signs of droppings. Then you can just simply follow to where it leads you.

3. Move your furniture

Make sure to move your furniture to have a clear view of the room. Move your couches and other furniture up to the wall so that you can clear each area and make sure that you check for possible hiding places. Always check under the furniture since they like to hide on those.

4. Block the exits

Start one room at a time making sure that you start on one room close all the windows, doors, and any exits that they can fit on, such as cracks, exhaust etc. then try to check all the possible open places that they can hide and also each furniture in that room. Then you can move to another room the same process.

5. Ask for help

If you have a small lizard, it is very hard to find him compared to the larger ones since they can just insert themselves into any holes. So you can ask for a friend or a family member to help you out. It would save you time and energy looking for your lizard.

6. Know your lizard

Try to research and learn more about your lizard that will help you find him easily. Try to check his habitat and on what places they usually love to stay.

If it Is warm, cold, dark, etc. that will give you a clue on where he is hiding you can also check if your lizard is nocturnal or not if you lizard loves to go out at night, then it is best if you find him at night and if they are active during the day then it is best to search for him during the day.

7. Bring your lizards out

Lizards love to eat insects, fruits, or vegetables try to place a big amount of it that they can easily sense in one place then it will be easy for you to find them since they will really go out and get food.

8. Avoid clutter

Cleaning your house is a great way to find your lizard since they love to hide on things the more things or clutter that you have the most difficult it will be to find him.

9. Turn the light off

Lizards like to go out especially if it is dark turning the light off would be an easy step for them to go out from their hiding spots.

10. Moisture the area

You can spray water in the area since your lizards need it to survive, they will come for it. They can also usually be found in bathrooms, so just make sure all the cupboards and drawers are shot and wait until they come out to get some water.

11. Put some heat lamps

If you have a small to medium size lizard you know that they love heat so try to clip on heat lamps on your furniture’s and check on them in a few hours or minutes you would see you lizard loving to bathe on those warm lamps.

12. Call animal control

If you are really having a hard time finding your pet call the experts they would have the right equipment to help you find your pet to make it much easy for you and less hassle.

How to make a lizard trap

That's a great idea, you can build a trap to capture your little friend, just be careful to not hurt him, see the instructions below:

What you will need to build the lizard trap:

  • 3 or more bucket or boxes
  • Cellophane or nets
  • Scotch tape
  • Stick
  • Bottle spray with cold water
  • Markers or paint
  • Scissors
  • Insects (optional) or your lizard's food

Step 1:  get a clean box or bucket, make sure that you clean it thoroughly and that there is no scent or odor. Then paint or use a marker to draw a crack in the bottom of the box or bucket.

Step 2: cut a cellophane, newspaper, or net. Any cover of your choice to put at the top of your bucket or box then use a tape to stick it together. Make sure to tape and secure all the sides to avoid your lizards from escaping.

Step 4: you can put in some insects, bugs, or food that your lizards like to eat. Just put a small amount in each box or buckets to lure your lizard in. This step can be optional since you already drew cracks to lure your lizard in this is when you haven’t caught yet your lizard so that you can just sit down and wait for your lizard to go in rather than chasing them inside.

Step 6: if you saw your lizard and he is not coming inside your trap then now you can use your stick. You can chase your lizard to go inside the trap slowly and carefully. Then when your lizard is inside you can cover the top lid and transfer to its tank.

This trap can help you capture your lizard without harm him.


You need to be patient and follow all the tips to find a lost lizard in your house.

Since they are smart animals, they can easily hide in any place, so just be patient and seek help to accelerate the process.

If for some reason you didn't find your pet lizard, just don't blame yourself. As long as you did everything on your power to look for your pet, it's not your fault he disappeared because it's their nature to move and hide.

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