Leopard Gecko Lizard

Leopard Gecko Facts and Information

Have you seen a Leopard Gecko ? I bet you will like this type of lizard, especially if you own it. In this article, I will talk about some Leopard Gecko facts. Keep reading.A commonly kept lizard, the leopard gecko is a friendly and hardy pet which can do different things which other lizards cannot […]

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Argentine Tegu

Argentine Tegu Facts

It’s time to learn more about lizards and now I will talk about the Argentine Tegu facts.As one of the top reptile favorites, the Argentine Tegu is a giant lizard which originates in Argentina, as its name implies. The Argentine Tegu is also called Argentine giant tegu due to the fact that that they are the […]

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Chinese water dragon

Chinese Water Dragon facts

Popular for their triangular head and green color, the Chinese water dragon is one of the best exotic pet lizards to be kept. They make a great pet but they are not exactly for beginners due to their care and handling requirements.Chinese water dragons are also known as Asian, Green, and Thai Water Dragon. Here […]

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Red Ackie Monitor

Red Ackie Monitor Facts (The Australian Lizard)

The Red Ackie is a lizard species which originates from Australia is a great pet lizard to start with as they beyond the extraordinary. Just like other lizards, Red Ackies Habs characteristics which make them unique and beautiful on their own skin. As a pet owner, there might be some things that you have to know […]

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Draco Lizards (Flying Lizard)

Draco lizard facts (the flying lizard)

Do you know that a lizard can fly ? Yeah, that’s true.It’s time to learn something about this kind of flying lizard, so in this article, I will talk about the Draco lizards facts, including his ability to fly. Just keep reading…Dracos are better known better as flying lizards that belong to the Agamidae family.  Most […]

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Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko Facts

Hey, if you want to learn some interesting crested gecko facts you are in the right place.In this article, I will talk about this incredible lizard. keep reading…Crested geckos came from the gecko native species originated in Southern New Caledonia. They were so rare that people thought their kind was already extinct, but later they […]

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