Bearded dragon as pet

Bearded dragon lizards as pets (Facts you need to know)

If you want to have a bearded dragon lizard as a pet, you are at the right place.In this article you will find some interesting facts about this lizard. Just keep reading and pay attention to the details before getting your new friend. Quick information before getting a lizardWhen you want to have a bearded […]

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Biggest Lizard

What are the biggest lizards in the world ?

There are a lot of lizards all over the world and they vary in sizes.I bet you are here because you want an answer to the question “What are the biggest lizards in the world ?”  And that’s what I’m going to tell you in this article.If you are very curious, here are a quick […]

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Vegetarian Lizards

What are the vegetarian pet lizards?

Perhaps you are thinking about feeding your lizard only with vegetarian food and if that’s the case, you need to know what the vegetarian pet lizards are and how to feed them. So you are at the right place, let’s talk about feeding lizards…Usually the bigger the lizard, the bigger the amount of food or […]

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The best Pet Lizard for a Kid

What is the best pet lizard for a kid?

Lizards are reptiles that are known for having different shapes, sizes, colors, and different personalities which makes them unique as a pet.Before buying your kid such a different animal, I’m sure you have asked yourself the question: “what is the best pet lizard for a kid?” Let’s talk about that. Some things to consider before […]

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Pet Lizard on a Human Finger

Best pet lizards to handle

Why are lizards considered as good pets?Lizards are very easy to take care of they are small in size and has a great personality they can also be great for kids since they are hypoallergenic.In this article, I will talk about the best lizards do handle. Keep reading…There are a lot of lizard’s types they […]

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What a Pet Lizard Needs

What does a pet lizard need?

As weird as it seems, some people want to have pets like lizards, chameleons, and snakes. But what they often don’t know is what their pets need.Lizards do not just need water, food and a walk as dogs do, there are ups and downs to having a pet like a lizard. The main needs a […]

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