What are the biggest lizards in the world ?

There are a lot of lizards all over the world and they vary in sizes.

I bet you are here because you want an answer to the question "What are the biggest lizards in the world ?"  And that's what I'm going to tell you in this article.

Komodo Dragon

If you are very curious, here are a quick answer to this question:

The largest lizard is the Komodo Dragon. This is reptiles can grow to a maximum length of 3 meters (10 ft) and weight up to 70 kilograms (150 lb). They are found in the Indonesian islands where they dominate the ecosystem.

A list of the biggest lizards in the world

The Komodo Dragon is a big guy, but there are others, so here is the list...

1. Komodo dragon

Komodo Dragon Lizard

They are the most popular kind of lizard that can grow up to 10 feet long. They originate in Indonesia and they have a very strong and powerful body and tail. Komodo dragons attack larger mammals and not afraid of them.

They can be dangerous as well since their bite is venomous and can kill humans and other animals just in a few hours. So, be careful if you find this animal around.

2. Black and White Argentine Tegu

Black and White Argentine Tegu

They originated in savannahs and deserts, they love warm and dry places, but this kind of lizard doesn’t have a hard time adjusting in the temperature.

They can also handle normal or cold weathers and they are found in America, usually in the tropical rainforest. These lizards have really great skills and are very fast runners.

3. Gila monster

Gila Monster

This large types of lizards originated in deserts. They have yellow, orange, and pink patterns in their skin and they are usually black in color. The Gila monster is very dangerous since their bite can be extremely painful and the poison can kill humans.

4. Water Monitor lizard

Water Monitor Lizard

The water monitor lizard originated in Southeast Asia. They have very large, strong, and muscular body and their tails are very strong. These lizards have great senses especially when it comes to their prey which they can detect even for a very far distance.

5. Green Iguana

Green Iguana

The green iguana is the most common type among all. They originated in America and they love to eat plants, grass, vegetables compared to other large lizards that love to eat meat, the green iguanas are herbivore.

6. Rock monitor lizard

Rock Monitor Lizard

The rock monitor lizards are the largest lizards in Africa. They can grow up to nine feet long. 

They are very strong and heavy, with a unique tongue sometimes blue or pink. These lizards love living in trees and can be dangerous at the time they use their heavy tail to scratch or cut you. They are also known as the most intelligent type of lizards.

Are these large pets good as a pet?

These large lizards are not as good as a pet since some of them are very aggressive they can be dangerous and harmful some has a venomous bite and can cause death.

The monitor lizard, for example, are high maintenance pet since they need a very big space with great foliage for them to grow and live a longer life.

They need a place where they can relax, places that they can climb, dig or hide on.

The temperature should also match their needs since some would love warm places or cold and water places. They are born in the wild and they survive in it.

Having them as a pet cannot only be dangerous but you really need to put a full-time commitment to securing them in a strong cage and feeding them well and in a scheduled manner

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