What are the friendliest pet lizards?

Lizards are undoubtedly one of the best creatures that exist. But with the wide range of choices, which among them makes the best pet? There are a lot of wonderful and beautiful lizards which makes a good pet and here are some of them.

A baby with a lizard

So, what are the friendliest pet lizards ? Let's take a look at the list...

1. Chameleon


Chameleons are very much known for their long tongue, crazy eyes, and of course, for their ability to change their color. Others say that their color depends on the environment where they are in at that very moment but there was no proof yet about this which makes it a myth still.

The truth is, their colors change because of stress, threat, change in temperature as well as a change in humidity. Their size and body structure vary. They can grow as long as 27 inches.

They are arboreal which means that they spend most of their time on trees. Since they are arboreal, they require a large space where you can put a real or artificial tree.

These lizards have the ability to move their eyes opposite to each other or each of their eyes can move alone. They are a wonderful sight to see but holding them often will stress them out.

2. Anoles

Anole Lizard

There are two general kinds of anoles - the green anole and the brown anole and both are in the list of friendliest pet lizards. What makes the green anole different from brown anole is that is has a dewlap. A dewlap refers to the pink flap of skin underneath their chin.

These lizards are good at climbing due to the sticky feet that they have. If ever they feel threatened, their normal reaction is a tail drop known as caudal autonomy. Doing this distracts the predator in order for them to get away.

3. Day Geckos

Day geckos

Geckos are another kind of lizards which are usually above the ground. You can find them on trees or sticking their feet out on their cage. This is possible since they have sticky pads on their feet. These sticky pads are known as lamellae.

Geckos are diurnal. This means that they are awake at day-time and are asleep at night time. Since they are diurnal and you have the same body clock as theirs, you will enjoy watching how active they are during the day. Geckos are omnivores. Their diet is consists of insects, fruits, and vegetables. They are green in color and can be noisy at times.

4. Chinese Water Dragon

Water dragon

The Chinese Water Dragon is somewhat alike to iguanas. What makes them different is their smaller size and they are tamed. Taming them is very easy.

Besides, you can hold them as much as you want once they have familiarized you and the place where they are staying. The maximum size of a male is different from a female.

Usually, a female Chinese water dragon can be as long as two feet while the male can grow as long as three feet. Their long tail balances them on doing different activities such as climbing.

It also serves as a defense against predators. Chinese water dragons can sense light changes using the small dark scale located at the top of their head, right in the middle of their eyes. This scale is known as their third eye or parietal eye. They use this in finding a safe place. These lizards need a continuous water supply.

5. Crested Geckos

Crested gecko

Crested geckos look like they have long lashes. This is because of the crest at their head down to their body. They are arboreal which means that you have to provide them artificial or real trees to where they are staying. If a tree isn't possible, branches will do. Taking care of them is very easy. They are awake at night and are asleep during the day.

They are big fans of jumping and climbing which requires you to provide them a place with a high ceiling. Their diet is consist of insects and fruits or simply, they are omnivores. Most of the time, these geckos lost their tail and can no longer grow it back. They have bright colors which are very alive at night but looks plain during the day.

If you want to learn more about this lizard, I recommend you to read the article Crested Gecko Facts.

6. Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko

If you are looking for the friendliest pet lizards, this is definitely the best one for you. Aside from being gentle, leopard geckos are also very easy to look after. They don't need too much attention and all. Like some lizards, leopard geckos can also move their eyelids.

These geckos are awake during the night and are asleep during the day. In simpler terms, they are nocturnal. Their diet is consists of insects alone. Younger leopard geckos are more colorful than the older ones. Their feet are not sticky at all.

What they have in their feet are claws. They are staying on the ground almost all the time since they can't stick around elevated areas. One of their weird characteristics is that they eat their own skin which helps them distracts predators, alongside with the nutrients that they get from it.

They aren't big fans of caudal autonomy but once feel threatened, they will surely detach their tails. Doing so has a big effect on them since their fats are mostly located on their tail. Unlike other lizards, their tails have the ability to grow. Their color is usually bright yellow and orange or pale lavender and white.

7. African Fat Tail Geckos

African fat tailed gecko

As the name implies, these geckos have thicker but shorter tails. These lizards are even more gentle and docile than leopard geckos. Their structure looks like leopard geckos. What makes them different is that they are more stocky.

They have neutral colors - brown, tan, rusty orange. African fat tail geckos are nocturnal and they prefer hiding and burrowing while they are asleep. They stay on the ground most of the time. Their feet have tiny claws and they can make a clicking sound using their mouth.

8. Bearded Dragons

Beard Dragon Lizard

Coming from Australia, Bearded dragons can grow as long as 12 to 24 inches. Due to their size, the lizards require a big space where they can safely stay. The tail of these lizards does not detach. In case that they break their tail, it will no longer grow back. As pets, they at very gentle. They love attention so much and they like interacting most of the time.

They both enjoy staying on the ground and on top of trees. They are awake and very much active during the day and they are asleep at night. Their diet mostly consists of vegetables which makes them omnivores. Bearded dragons have a beard-like throat when they puff, thus their name Bearded Dragons. Some of these dragons hibernate during winter.

9. Red, Yellow, and Egyptian Uromastyx Lizards (Uromastyx geyri/aegypticus)


Red, Yellow, and Egyptian Uromastyx Lizards are probably the friendliest species of Uromastyx or Spiny-Tailed Lizards. They can grow as long as 10 - 18 inches. These are active lizards, thus they need a big space where they can roam around. Their diet consists of green leaves and cricket or super worm at times. They eat a lot and they can be easily tamed using food only.

10. Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua sp.)

Blue Tongued Skink

Fondly called as Blueys, the Blue Tongue Skink are great pets because of how relaxed and cool they are. These lizards can't move that fat because of their stumpy legs and sausage-shaped bodies which makes it easy to pick them up and hold for a while. They love burrowing and hiding so much thus you should provide them a place where they can do what they love.


Lizards are good pets but not all of them are great pets as they can be complicated to handle. Moreover, not all lizards are suitable for you or the people you are living with at the same time.

Whatever is your choice of the friendliest pet lizards just make sure that you can take good care of it and it is safe for you and your family. Furthermore, make sure that you can provide its needs in order for it to grow properly. If you do so, you will surely have a good time having them around.

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