What is the best pet lizard for a kid?

Lizards are reptiles that are known for having different shapes, sizes, colors, and different personalities which makes them unique as a pet.

Before buying your kid such a different animal, I'm sure you have asked yourself the question: "what is the best pet lizard for a kid?" Let's talk about that.

Pet Lizard

Some things to consider before buying a pet lizard for your kid

When looking for a lizard for your kids you need to make sure to find the ones that have great temperaments those are very sociable and like interaction since the aggressive types can really be dangerous.

Also, find a lizard that does not bite and is not venomous. Lizards are great pets for kids because unlike other animals, lizards don't have furs or coats, so they are hypoallergenic.

They might not be a common pet to children but lizards can be great and entertaining. They are low maintenance compared to getting other animals. Lizards can also live a very long time compare to other pets as long as your lizard is well taken care of they can live up to 20 years.

Pros and cons of owning a lizard

There are some advantages and disadvantages of having a lizard as a pet at home, let's take a look at them, so you can more information before buying one.

Advantages of lizards at home

  • They are low maintenance pets
  • Lizards can live a longer life
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They don’t require too much space
  • They are easy to feed
  • They can really be quiet
  • They are unique and cool
  • Some lizards can survive a day without feeding
  • They don’t require too much attention

The cons of lizards at home

  • Reptiles live a very long life and they are not good for people that are easily bored by having the same pet for a long period of time.
  • Some lizards love to have insects and that can be challenging to find
  • If every reptile is not taken care of properly like poor hygiene and cleanliness it might lead to sickness or diseases like salmonella.
  • If every reptile is not taken care of properly with the right hygiene and cleanliness it might lead to sickness or diseases like salmonella.
  • Lizard’s loves a warm place so turning on a light or something that can keep them warm can cost you in your electric bills.

Best lizards for kids

Here a list of lizards that are good for kids (especially beginners)

1. Bearded dragon

The bearded dragon is a good lizard to have as a pet and they can really be great for kids since they are the calmest and quiet type of lizard.

Bearded Dragon

They are no aggressive or shy they are sociable and they don’t mind you holding them, which is very fun for kids that like to touch and play with the pets.

Bearded dragons just need to be fed and taken care of correctly and they can live for a very long time they can reach up to two feet in length.

Beard dragons are also easy to take care of because they can easily adapt to their surroundings and especially to what they eat.

They can eat vegetables, fruits, insects, and a whole lot more. You just need to make sure to give the bearded dragons enough food to feed him properly.

Bearded dragons are originated in deserts but they can easily adapt to a cooler temperature just like the one you have in your home or apartment.

2. Green Iguanas

Green iguanas are the most common and popular type of iguana among the iguana family they make great pets, especially for kids since they have great temperament they are also low maintenance.


They love to eat healthy greens, vegetables, and some fruits. Iguanas should be placed in very large tanks since they are big animals. You can also let them on a tree outdoors so they can climb and hide through branches.

Green iguanas can adapt to its surroundings but they prefer a warmer temperature. They can grow up to six feet. Your kids will love them because they are fun, especially when climbing and swinging from one branch to another.

3. Leopard geckos

Leopard geckos are great pets for kids. They are easy to take care and to hold on to.

Leopard gecko

They like to make a squeaky voice that makes it entertaining for the kids to play with and they love to sleep during the day since they are nocturnal types of lizards.

If you are planning to put them on a tank, make sure to have more foliage since they like to dig, crawl and hide to places. They also love a warm environment

4. Crested Gecko

Crested geckos look like cartoons, so your kids will love them because they are cute and small. These lizards are very friendly and your kids will be entertained because they are easy and safe to handle.

Crested Gecko

5. Anoles

There are two types of anoles the green anole and the brown anole and both types are great pets for beginners and kids. It's easy to take care of them and they also don’t require a big amount of food.


They are small in size you can just create a habitat for them inside a small tank.

Anoles are easy to handle they don’t care if they are being carried or catch.

6. Uromastyx

This kind of lizards has similar traits with the bearded dragons. They enjoy contact with their owner and they don’t mind being carried a lot, which makes them good for your kids since they are safe and easy to handle.


They like to eat plants which make feeding easy and cheap.

They require a warm temperature for their tank or cage to make them relax and comfortable.

7. Blue tongue skink

They are great for kids since they are very intelligent they can easily be tamed and trained they even look at you when you call their name.

Blue Tongued Skink

These lizards are great pets that are easy to handle and low in maintenance. They originated in Australia just like the bearded dragons.

They are really well known because of their blue tongue.

How to help your kids take care of their new reptile


Try to find a place where the lizard can live comfortable may it be a cage or a tank. Research on your lizard if what is its natural habitat. Some lizards love to crawl and stay on the ground, they also love to dig or burrow which means it is better to prepare layers of sand for them to feel comfortable.

Some lizards love great foliage, some like to have branches where they can relax on, climb, and swing on. It is important that your kid's lizard feel comfortable with its new home to avoid bad behaviors and stress.


Teach your kids how to feed the lizard. Help him create a chart or a board in which there are time and amount of food to feed the lizard.

Try to teach your kids the right way to prepare the food. For example, an apple can be toxic for the lizard if it is not given properly, you need to peel off skin first and remove the seeds. It is also important that you chop their food finely because some lizards are prone to choking, so it is important to know how to prepare their meal.


Lizards need water, you can buy or create an easy drip system so that your lizard can always stay hydrated. No matter how busy you and your kids are, your lizards still get the right amount of water they need.

Finding a partner 

If you are deciding to get another lizard with an opposite sex or a different kind, check if they can live together. It is important to keep each of them safe and secure to avoid aggression and bad behaviors.

Why your kids do needs to have a pet?

Having a pet at an early age is good because it teaches a lot of things to the kids. First of all, it teaches your kids responsibility, just by getting their pets water and food, feeding them daily is already teaching them on how to be responsible.

It teaches them how to be independent and to take care of living things.

It is also a great entertainment, for your kids rather than doing something that is less important they can be entertained by their pets at home.

The benefits of having a pet

  • Pets are good stress relievers
  • They are great companions
  • They teach children how to love and take care of every living thing
  • Help them get away with fear
  • Teach responsibility


It doesn't matter which lizard you choose, just make sure your kid learn how to take care of this the new pet.

I hope I could help you do decide what the best pet lizard for a kid is.

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